Hello, I’m Ilona!

I’m a Freelance Product Design Lead at Toptal.

Previously Product Design Manager at ClickFunnels.

I am a systems thinker and a strong empathizer. I have stellar record of analyzing and evaluating business systems, processes and user needs as well as developing techniques

that support business growth.

B2B SaaS ClickFunnels Dashboard Redesign

My role, as a senior product designer, was to redesign the dashboard and core navigation using data

B2B SaaS ClickFunnels Product Redesign

My role, as product a design manager, was to redesign the entire product leading 7 designers team

Lovevery Subscription Flow Optimization

My role, as a senior product designer, was to redesign the company’s key subscription flow to increase conversions

SHIT – B2B SaaS Team Culture Tools

My role, as a product head, was to lead the entire product efforts and create three SaaS tools from inception to implementation

Supermetrics Website Design Systems

My role was to redesign the landing page and create a modular scalable design system

Galley Solutions – B2B SaaS Design Systems

My role was to create a full modular customisable

design system to increase development efforts

Move – iOS E-commerce App

My role was to create a iOS application and brand

Femme – Luxury E-commerce Website

My role was to create an ecommerce and brand

FIT – Personal Fitness Trainer

My role, as a senior designer, was to create an iOS app using the latest data and research

Companies I worked with


Design Processes

Product design is the process of identifying a market opportunity, clearly defining the problem, developing a proper solution for that problem and validating the solution with real users. During my career as a product design manager I developed countless design processes to increase productivity, velocity and delivery.